Sunday, February 26, 2012

Dan Bollock charity fundraiser

     Dan Bollock is a gentleman who does spectacular artistic woodworking for a local art shop called Artists' Own in downtown Lafayette.  He is self-employed, and he and his family attend the same church I do.  Dan recently replaced one of his woodworking machines, and the new one didn't have a protective guard in a certain place like his old one.  He reached up to unclog it, and got his hand caught.  The result, as I understand, was that every bone in his hand and wrist, and both bones in his forearm were broken.
     He underwent surgery to install a mess of pins, and has been dealing with a large amount of pain and huge amount of swelling.  The doctors said they won't even know for six months how much movement he'll regain.  He's been doing physical therapy and has limited mobility in it, but now he also has an infection.
     I found out through my boyfriend's Mom that a charity sale featuring donations from local artists will be taking place next weekend (March 2nd).  My Mom--quilting blog one of her quilts, and I am donating three necklaces.
     Dan Bollock has a wife and two young children to support.  This fundraiser will hopefully provide them a little breathing room.  I pray that everything donated will sell as close to its market value as possible to help the family.  I also pray for a speedy, full recovery, as woodworking is his livelihood; some good news is some of his woodworking friends have pitched in and are finishing his standing orders since he cannot.  Keep him and his young family in your thoughts and prayers.