Saturday, December 14, 2013

Picasso Jasper earrings

Last night I made these really simple wire-wrapped Picasso Jasper earrings out of the two remaining "blue" pieces I had from the previous projects.  They matched a lot better in the dimmer lighting last night, but they're the two that are the closest in color and pattern I had left.  Did a little fancier wire-wrap than usual, but still a relatively simple technique.

Name:  Picasso earrings

Price:  $10

Length: about 1 inch including earwire

Friday, December 13, 2013

Picasso Jasper bracelet

I used some of the remaining Picasso Jasper from Dan's Christmas present to make a bracelet with my last remaining copper toggle clasp and some of the copper rounds.  I think this type of stone is growing on me...

Name: N/A

Price: $10

Length: 8 inches

Lapis heishi multi-strand bracelet

I had only a small amount of lapis lazuli heishi remaining from a necklace I made a guy at work months ago, so I purchased a new strand in order to make another one.  Turns out, when the new heishi arrived, they were a size larger.  So I came up with this.  I got these really neat three-hole spacers at Hobby Lobby a while back, and knew I wanted to do a piece like this (heishi with them, at any rate).  I like how the blue and silver work together.

Name:  Lapis heishi

Price:  $25 (reason: time and effort, plus lapis)

Length:  about 9 inches total

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Jasper necklace in progression: Dan's Christmas gift

The problem with winter projects is that by the time I get them to or near completion, I've run out of photo light.  This has happened especially the last two days running, even though I've gotten off work at 2:30 and started tackling projects as soon as I got home.
I thought I'd do something a little different this time since these jasper barrels I got are so cool and varied, and show you the work in progress.  The first photos (white paper) were taken last night in the light of my plant stand.  The one on the bead board is how I assembled the necklace (since my ruler has run off, it's the only way I can gauge length).  The others are the "glamor" shots done in the light of my plant stand with the camera refusing to focus and give me a decent picture without hacking off part of the piece.  I do not have a clasp for it yet; will get a nice, guy-friendly one this weekend at home if it doesn't snow.  I used antique copper rounds to accent.


Name:  Dan's Picasso

Price:  $25

Length: 20 inches

Beautiful Botswana necklace

A friend at work really likes Botswana agate, so I came up with this for her for Christmas...and as partial apology I haven't gotten her red tiger-eye tumbled stone pendant wire-wrapped yet.


Name:  Beautiful Botswana

Price: $25

Length:  22 inches

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Roses in Stone necklace

I posted a couple of weeks ago in request for aid for a friend hit by the tornadoes that ripped through Illinois.  An update: she and her elderly mother have found a place to live close to work, and the money several of us raised has helped her a lot.
I wanted to do something special for her for Christmas since she is a good friend, so I made this necklace out of Indian agate and gold metal seed beads.  I sort of mimicked it after the quilt my Mom (fiberobsession here on BlogSpot) donated to her, as my friend had said the colors were wonderful.

Name:  Roses in Stone

Price:  $25

Length: 22 inches

Fluorite Ginko necklace

With Christmas coming up and being short on funds, I sat down with a very tight budget and mapped out who I needed to get gifts for, and how much I could invest.  One of the people on that list is my "Mom away from home."  She sort of adopted me when I moved and didn't know anyone last spring.  I wanted to do something special for her for Christmas, as it's been a wild year.
She loves purple, and really liked my Purple Orchid necklace, a pendant the likes of which I haven't seen since I bought that one back before I was in college.  So I searched for probably a week on various sites and stores until I found this fluorite ginko-leaf pendant, which was as close a design as I could get to the orchid other than big honking roses.  I found some nice round-edged rondelles to go with it, also fluorite, from the same dealer (a guy I've dealt with many times and trust), and this was the result.  I got a set of 3 pendants (this is one of the two small ones); the big one was the purple I wanted, but far too big.

Name:  Ginko

Price:  $25

Length:  20 inches