About Me

My name is Olivia K. Kirby and I have been experimenting with beading techniques and jewelry making for most of my life.  I find inspiration in a variety of things, ranging from music to the jewelry of other designers to nature and even mood.
I started this blog to chronicle my projects and show people what I do in case they're interested in purchasing a well-made but reasonably priced piece of jewelry as a gift or for themselves.  It also helps me keep track of my progress as I experiment with different techniques and styles.
The hardest thing for me is pricing.  I like to make quality things at a comfortable price because I've often been unable to get things I like due to costs.  I think people shouldn't have to sacrifice quality to pay less.  I price as low as I can given the materials I use;  I charge very little for time involved, because it's worth it to me for someone to be happy with the piece they want.
This blog showcases my work and my experiences.  I hope you see something you like!  Feel free to contact me at okkirby@hotmail.com if you have questions, and if you like a piece in particular, mention it in the subject heading of your e-mail.