Monday, December 24, 2012

Midnight Clear necklace

We celebrated our immediate family Christmas this afternoon, and while my sister and Mom were making candy afterward, I sat at the table listening to music and putting this together.  The pendant is wire-wrapped agate, dyed blue.  I found faux pearls that matched it, and interspersed silver beads with them to add a little sparkle.  The clasp is an S-hook version that is reminiscent of the wire-wrap's pattern.  Given the coloration and the fact that today's Christmas Eve, I thought the name was fitting.  I will get better pictures when I have better lighting; necklace is wrapped around the stand in photos so the pendant would be where I could photograph it easily.

Name:  Midnight Clear

Price:  $25

Length:  23.5 inches long; pendant 2 inches tall (including bail) by 1.5 inches wide

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Dragon Blood necklace

Decided, given the gloomy, drizzly weather outside, to toy around with necklace ideas this afternoon.  I finally got the dragon blood jasper pendant I ordered last month, and the brainstorming came to fruition.  It took about 3 hours of hand-beading (about an hour per strand), but it's done now!  I used FlexWire for added stability, dragon blood jasper 6mm rounds to go with the pendant, forest iris round and peanut seed beads, red twisted bugle beads, copper freshwater pearls, teeny tiny seed beads in two colors, and yellow-green seed beads.  Once each of the strands was done, I roped the three together over each other in a loose spiral to hold them together.  The clasp is a sunflower toggle (not shown) big enough to suit the project.

Name: Dragon's Blood

Price:  $40 (reason: cost of materials, time involved)

Length:  22 inches; pendant 1.75 inches wide x 1.75 inches tall

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Lapis Lazuli cross-weave necklace

This is the project I actually bought the lapis lazuli for: a cross-weave necklace.  I used 6mm rounds, gold metal seed beads, and two strands of FlexWire.  The clasp was just something neat I decided to use; it's base metal, brass plated.  I'm out of gold ones for now.  Given the thickness of the wire I used, I had to extrapolate at the center and the ends of the piece, since the lapis rounds wouldn't fit four pieces of wire through them--the center stone needed four strands through it, the ends two wires folded back through to make four.  I had some large-hole seed beads that were of similar color, so that worked.  Note: I would have made this a little longer, but I have no more lapis rounds--pattern used up two strands as it is.

Name:  Lapis Lazuli cross-weave necklace

Price: $40 (reason: lapis lazuli price, time involved)

Length: 18 inches; pendant 1.25 inches long