Saturday, April 12, 2014

Misaligned Malachite

Perfectionist that I am, I'm debating redoing the interior strand so the beads line up with the voids on the outer strand of this necklace.  Malachite is a rather expensive stone to get good quality, so I've been collecting it over a couple of years for a project and last night I finally got the inspiration of what it would look like.  I handmade the bail for the donut, and carefully measured where each beaded section would be on the two strands, then crimped them in place.  I accented just a little with some silver.  I made a "visible" illusion necklace, since that seems to be a growing fad--instead of clear fishing line, I used the usual protected steel cable I use for stringing.

Name:  Misaligned Malachite

Price: $40 (reason: malachite prices)

Length: outer strand 21 inches, inner about 19 inches

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