Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Dragon and the Phoenix

I have had this dragon and phoenix pendant for years now, but never found stone that went well enough with it to make a necklace from it until two weeks ago.  The seller I bought it from claimed it was "multicolor jade" but when I got it the patterning of the stone is clearly multicolor moss agate.  I went to my favorite store looking for something to go with it and had almost given up when one of the girls working there got an idea and brought out some very flawed sodalite rounds.  Given the pendant is mostly green and brown I was rather skeptical about using the blue, but it worked when we held them up to each other. There was enough brown flaw in the stones to ease the blue tinge, unlike any of the green we'd tried.  I discovered when I got home that I hadn't actually purchased sodalite, but the strand I'd chosen (which I chose because it had a lot more of the brown in it instead of the vivid white-lined blue common to the stone) was actually sapphire.  I matched it with some antique copper to draw out the brown.
I absolutely love the way it turned out.  Glad this is now a finished piece in my personal collection!


Name:  Dragon and Phoenix

Price:  $20 (personal collection; not for sale!)

Length: 16 inches

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