Saturday, May 17, 2014

Bound Heart necklace

Back when I first started making jewelry as a kid, in part thanks to my Dad making special "date" trips to my favoritest store in the whole wide world with me, I wanted to make my Mom a necklace.  So we went, and I picked out a rhodonite heart bead and several pink lepidolite rounds for an illusion necklace.  I strung it (with Dad's help and a lot of frustration) on some poor-quality, very weak gold-colored wire, and was never happy with it, but Mom kept it nonetheless though she never wore it.  About two years ago, I found it in her jewelry culls to be thrown away, so I took it to redo.  It sat in my bead box until last night, when I finally came up with a plan to use it and some of the remaining rhodonite rounds I got for her opera-length necklace from this fall.
I wanted to do something fun and creative, so I used silver wire and wrapped both ends (it had two holes for stringing I utilized) to make it a link pendant, then I strung the rest of the necklace off-center so the heart would stand upright when worn.  This was the result.
I used silver wire, Beadalon beading wire, rhodonite, blackstone, and a lot of silver.


Name:  Bound Heart

Price:  $25

Length:  just over 20 inches

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