Sunday, May 4, 2014

Through the Grapevine

Finished this today, though it was mostly made yesterday while I was doing laundry.  A new technique for me: tubular netted.  I had planned to make it longer, and because of that had used a batch of seed beads (black iris) that I had a ton of, but somewhere in adding thread the second time something went wrong and I couldn't figure out where or how.  So I finally gave up and simply attached the clasp.  It has the feel of a grapevine given the netting style and the clasp with its grape leaf toggle and the cluster of grapes on the bar.  I didn't originally know how I felt about the black iris coloration with such intricate chainwork, but it grew on me the longer I worked with it.


Name:  Through the Grapevine

Price:  $35 (reason: mostly time and effort)

Length:  18.5 inches

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