Sunday, May 18, 2014

Busy with bracelets

Yesterday I whipped out eight bracelets using leftover stones from a variety of projects.  They're all about the same length, in a variety of colors and patterns, depending on what I had available that worked with them.
Picture-taking didn't turn out too well as you can see--the camera won't focus on the foreground, whether it's the front of the bracelet or just the bracelet in general, only the background or the back of the bracelet, no matter what I tried.


Name:  N/A

Price:  Malachite and silver $20
            Green aventurine and gold $10
            Sapphire, Swarovski, and antique copper $15
            Blue lace agate and silver $10
            Garnet and silver $10
            Peach/Red aventurine and antique copper $10
           Rhodonite, blackstone, and silver $15
           Yellow jade and silver $10

Length:  all are about 8 inches

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