Sunday, May 4, 2014

Mom's birthday necklace

Didn't realize I hadn't posted this here!

I had a hard time deciding what to do for Mom's birthday (the 28th), when I suddenly hit across a series of ideas.  I was originally making this style of bolo in a bright blue-teal, and she had remarked how much she liked it and wanted to see me finish it.  But I haven't gotten around to it due to lack of finding ideal fringe beads.  Then, during Bead Day with my niece, she commented how much she loved these buttery-yellow seed beads a friend of mine had sent me.  Bingo!
So I started to bead the bolo chain.  Then I realized I didn't have a ring for it.  So I rummaged through some things until I came across a metal ring necklace I'd bought on clearance with the intent of using spare parts for another project (but had found a better alternative), and decided one of the links would be perfect.  I still wound up one or two fringe beads short, so I smuggled the unfinished work home last weekend, snuck to my favorite local bead shop, bought a couple beads, went home, smuggled my bead box and the project upstairs while she was busy in the garden, and finished putting it together.


Name:  N/A

Price:  $40 (original not for sale)

Length:  about 30 inches

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